Newan State

What is it?

Newan State is a roleplaying game where you can choose to be a police officer, a tow truck operator, a criminal, and more.

How much is it?

Newan state is completely free to play, but in-game boosts can be purchased from our Store

How can I play it?

Currently our game is only available on Windows, and requires an account to play. Download the launcher and Create an account to begin playing and enjoying Newan State.

What inspired it?

Newan State is inspired by a roblox game called Ultimate Driving created by TwentyTwoPilots for the purpose of driving fancy cars, and living out your dream job as a police officer, firefighter, or trucker, just to name a few jobs. But TwentyTwoPilots has actively discouraged roleplaying, issued bans for roleplaying, and has stated you are not allowed to be staff if you encourage roleplaying. So, we've decided to build our own game, Newan State. Newan State is built from the ground up using the Unity game engine, instead of roblox.

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