Newan State


Launcher v1.8

Download our Launcher to benefit from automatic updates, update channels, secure logins, and more.

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Game Patch v0.0.9.2

Download the latest game patch if you can't get our launcher to work.
Note: as of Game Patch v0.0.10, the launcher is required to login to our game.

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Older Releases

Please only download an older release if you are trying to join an out-of-date server, and our launcher won't let you downgrade.

Some patches shown are not available for security reasons.

Game Patch v0.0.9.2 Download v0.0.9.2

Note: Due to our new website, v0.0.9.2 and below will no longer work unless you modify your operating system.

Game Patch v0.0.8.1
Download v0.0.8.1